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Helping Others Make the Effort is a non-profit organization working to break the cycle of homelessness by providing housing and life skills to homeless women and their children. HOME delivers four distinct program options, dependent on the individual family’s need and housing urgency.


The Story of Homelessness in Osceola County—

Each morning over 900 children wake-up in a motel room to catch a bus that will take them to school. They will go to class, not knowing what tomorrow holds, where they will do their homework, what time their parent will be home, even not knowing when they will have a good meal after lunch. But, how did these children become homeless?

Osceola County’s tourism industry is our double-edged sword: it attracts revenue and stimulates growth, but at the same time is kept alive by service-based jobs that keep many families on the edge.  Families may have experienced a crisis such as illness or lack of transportation that caused them to lose their permanent housing.  As a result, they seek housing at the motels along the main east-west thoroughfare of US-192, which is convenient to service jobs, the bus line, and other necessities. 

Unfortunately, once families move into pay by the week motels, they are unable to save enough money to move to permanent housing.  These motels lack kitchen facilities, adequate space for children to complete schoolwork, and often have no safe recreation space.  If the earner in the family becomes ill, has no transportation, or loses their job, these families will be just days away from living on the street.

With just a little support and a decent place to live, we can empower these women to become self-sufficient and improve their family’s well-being.